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- Gamma Irradiation of Animal Serum: Validation of Efficacy for Pathogen Reduction and Assessment of Impacts on Serum Performance

By Mark Plavsic, Raymond Nims, Marc Wintgens, and Rosemary Versteegen

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- Gamma Irradiation of Animal Serum: Theoretical Basis of Impacts of Gamma Irradiation on Biological and Synthetic Polymers
By Karl Hemmerich, Randy Fitzgerald, Dennis Hallett, Raymond Nims, and Rosemary Versteegen

Posted online : Bioprocessing Journal - Volume 18, Open Access (January 2019)

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-  Validation of γ-radiation and ultraviolet as a new inactivators for foot and mouth disease virus in comparison with the traditional methods,

Mahdi SE, Hassanian AI, El-Din WMG, Ibrahim EE, Fakhry HM (2015) - Veterinary World 8(9): 1088-1098.

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- Utilizacion de inactivantes quimicos en el suero bovino empleado como suplemento en cultivos celulares*

Maria Cristina Ramirez D. Gustavo Arbelaez R. Victor Vera A. Luis Carlos Villamil J. Gloria C. Ramirez N. 

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FBS Value Chain

Harvesting Fetal Bovine Serum saves human and animal lives and helps replace and reduce the use of live animals for research and testing.

Do you know exactly how it is produced to assure a high qualit FBS product in compliance with ethical considerations? 

Take a look at this video : Click here

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